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Advertising with multiple Facebook user accounts


Many professional Facebook advertisers handle more than one Facebook user account. This can be practical when dealing with clients and their respective ad accounts and Facebook entities (Pages, Apps, Events). It does however easily get confusing when figuring out which Facebook user account has rights to do what.

Permissions to publish ads and see statistics for an ad account, target fans or run sponsored stories for a Page all revolve around the Facebook user account.

This might seem simple enough, but it tends to get a bit confusing when managing more than one Facebook user account. A quite typical setup for an agency or a freelance consultant is to be dealing with a personal Facebook user account, and one or more business accounts.

Let's see how this works in a simple example.

Meet Joe, Karen and the Company

In this scenario we have two people and one business.

Joe is an owner of a local store

Karen is a freelance Facebook marketer

the Company is a business that among its assets has a brand

We also have three Facebook user accounts, two personal and one business. The two personal accounts are managed by Joe and Karen, respectively. The business account is managed by the Company.

The two personal accounts represent Joe and Karen on Facebook. They are regular Facebook accounts that about 1 billion people have.

The business account doesn't really represent anything and is only an admin interface for managing things - such as Pages and ad accounts. It has no profile page and is thus not visible to other Facebook users.

Permissions for Joe, Karen and the Company (click to enlarge)

As shown in the image above, each of these user accounts owns an ad account, and Joe has granted Karen permission to use his ad account.

There are also two Facebook Pages. By definition they have no owners, they have admins.

the Local store is a Page representing Joe's business, and is managed by the user accounts of Joe and Karen

the Brand is a Page representing the Company's brand, and is managed by the user accounts of Karen and the Company

What this means Karen can do

Using her personal Facebook user account, Karen will be able to run ads for, as well as target the fans of, both the Local store and the Brand. Furthermore she can do this with either her own ad account or Joe's ad account.

However, her having access to Joe's ad account is not enough to give her permission to advertise for the Local store Page. But, since her personal user account also has been given admin status for it, she has all the permissions she needs to help Joe out with his advertising.

Furthermore, using her personal user account she cannot run ads for the Brand with the Company's ad account. She can only publish ads to Joe's ad account and her own ad account. This means she could run ads for the Brand in any of these two ad accounts if she wanted.

If she were given the login details to the Company's Facebook user account she could use that login to run ads for the Brand with the Company's ad account. This is so since that user account has access to both the Brand Page and the Company's ad account.

Another way for her to do this would be for the Company to share access to its ad account with her Facebook user.

It all revolves around the Facebook user

If this seems confusing, don't worry. All you need to remember is that all permissions revolve around the Facebook user account - be it a personal or a business account.

To run ads for a specific Page using a specific ad account, your Facebook user must have access to both the Page and the ad account.

If you'd like more of a step by step walkthrough we've also created a presentation that goes through this scenario, and you can find it in our resource section and on SlideShare.


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