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My job's got a pretty simple purpose: to ensure we build the best Facebook marketing app. If Qwaya ends up a dating site for blind dogs, I'm the one to bash.

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Page post ads checklist [INFOGRAPHIC]

We're happy to release our first homemade infographic! We've put it together in order to help you create Page posts that translate well into Page post ads, and is essentially a checklist for you to run through when creating Page posts that you might want to sponsor.


A Quick Heads Up On Optimized CPM

In July we released the Optimized CPM feature in Qwaya. As described in the blog post announcing this functionality the idea is to help advertisers reach the goals they have with their advertising. With this short post we'd like to share a few insights of our own in regards to oCPM.


Split more!

We recently released the possibility to split your targeting profiles based on country, language, age and gender. You can use your split to create multiple campaigns simultaneously, in order to avoid having the Facebook optimization algorithm stepping in and deciding which ad in your campaign is the best. By keeping your targeting profiles in separate campaigns you retain the control of your optimization work. Now you can also choose to split your targeting profiles based on Interests and Relationships. It works just like the previously released feature - just check the "Split by" checkbox next to the targeting criteria of your preference, and Qwaya will do the work for you.


What really works on Facebook? Tag to find out!

Since the early days of online marketing, the value - and importance - of measuring all activities have been widely recognized. To a large extent this is the foundation for the success of Google, as advertisers were given the opportunity to value their investment in hard metrics such as sales. Enter social media marketing, and for some strange reason, this seems to have been forgotten. Why should you not take the same approach in your social media activities? The tools and methodology are already in place!


How to sell 3000 wine bottles in less than a day (or exactly 16 hours)

Our experience tells us that the best performing ads on Facebook are those featuring a specific deal with a clear call to action, a carefully chosen image and a narrow targeting profile. Though it sounds obvious, creating campaigns that meet these demands can be quite hard. Narrow targeting in particular is made all the more difficult because many small audiences simply don't drive large enough volumes.


A Closer Look at Facebook Ads and Sponsored Stories

Any advertiser who has been utilising the Facebook platform for some time knows the ad formats are constantly evolving. This often leads to confusion regarding the various ad types Facebook offers its advertisers. With this post we’ll try to provide a brief overview of differences between Facebook’s more familiar Marketplace Ads and their recent addition Sponsored Stories.



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