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Use Broad Category targeting together with Precise Interests


Now you are able to use Broad Categories together with Precise Interests. There is an “AND” relation between the two, which means that you will exclude people when using them together. Therefore the estimated reach will decrease since the people you target will have to be part of two different segmentations at the same time.

Using Broad Category targeting you will target people who have included information relevant to this category in their profiles. If you select multiple categories there is an “OR “ relation between them, you will therefore increase your estimated reach.

With Precise Interests you can be more specific than with categories. Interests are drawn from peoples’ listed interests, activities, education and job titles. But they are also drawn from groups they belong to and pages they like. As with Broad Categories there is an “OR” relation between multiple Interests and if you select the two interests “cats” and “dogs” you will reach people who like “cats” or “dogs” or both at the same time.

Using Broad Categories and Precise interests together increases your chances of reaching your potential customers with a more accurate ad. If you for example sell up-market clothes for children and you use only Broad Category targeting “Parents” you will reach all parents irrespectively of their interests and likes. Now you can select to target “Parents” (Broad Category) that are interested in fashion and design (Precise interests) at the same time. The likelihood that this group of people would buy up-market children’s clothes is bigger than for someone that is not interested in fashion at all.

The consequence:

Your reach will decrease, or in other words, you will be targeting less people, but the quality of the people you target will be higher.

In Qwaya

You can find this targeting option in the “Targeting” tab in Qwaya. Select “New targeting”.

In the template section “Interests” you can then add both the Broad Categories and Precise Interests into their respective field to combine the two.


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