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Decide where to show your Facebook ads with Placements

Facebook advertising is developing constantly. Over the last few years we have seen the development of many different ad formats as Facebook tries to find the perfect ad to engage users and create value for advertisers, without putting off all the people using the platform. Besides developing the ad formats, the context in which they are delivered has become an area of increased attention lately.


Campaign splitting

Campaign splitting – the holy grail for lazy people If you are somewhat lazy, or if you are doing a lot of heavy Facebook advertising with many different targeting groups – then this newly launched feature is a fantastic gift to you from the Qwaya team. Congrats! The campaign splitting feature allows you to create individual Facebook campaigns automatically, based on your targeting preferences.


Know your past – succeed in the future

It is well known that knowing your past also helps you succeed in the future. That is why we have released our “Automation log” feature in our campaigns tab. This feature helps all of you who have set up scheduling and ad rotation on your campaigns through Qwaya. Each time the campaign is paused, played or rotated, you will find it stated in the campaigns tab in the bottom pane under the Automation log section.


Updated Educational targeting

Facebook was invented by a student to help university and college students share and exchange profiles and to build a network for students to interact easier. Today we all know that Facebook grew to become something much larger. Its reach today is far beyond college students. However, it still has the classic “student” segment available for advertisers. And now it has become even more accurate and sophisticated. Now you can select to target students or graduates from a specific college. Obviously this feature is very effective, for example, if you sell products related to a specific college, arrange trips for college students or if you’re a recruitment company.


Faster, faster, FASTER!

This week we have taken one more step in improving the performance of Qwaya. We also made some changes in the interface in order to enhance usability. Our performance improvements are based on the very logic of how we collect all the data about your campaigns from the Facebook advertising API. And not only that, we are also choosing what to collect and when, in a smarter way.


FB Advertising Is like Choosing Where to Eat

When you go out to dinner how do you pick restaurant? Here are three alternatives: You just head down to the city center to look for someone holding a sign that says “All You Can Eat Buffet $9.99”. You read restaurant reviews in the paper and look for a place with good ratings and a menu that might suit your taste buds. You ask a friend – someone who really knows you – and ask if he can recommend a good restaurant he’s been to lately. Which of these options do you think has the greatest chance resulting in a great dinner? I’d say number three. It’s a recommendation from someone who knows what you like. And when people recommend something they really want it to be great. The worst thing would be if you came back disappointed asking why the heck your friend sent you to that place.


New material added to the resource center

We continue to add information and help material for our users in our resource center. Our latest addition to our resource center is the Quick start guide. Our quick start guide is a slide show showing how to use Qwaya. This format allows you to quickly browse through all the major sections of the tool and its features and usability. If you follow the slide show from A-Z you will also be able to understand the flow of the tool and how you generate and publish your ads.



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