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Optimize the delivery of your ads with oCPM

Facebook knows a lot about its users. Not only what they like, but also their propensity to click on ads, install apps, like a page etc. Facebook has taken advantage of this knowledge in its latest feature; oCPM. oCPM stands for Optimized CPM and is a new bid type. This bid type enables you to choose an objective for your advertising and Facebook will optimize your ads delivery to meet these objectives.


Use Broad Category targeting together with Precise Interests

Now you are able to use Broad Categories together with Precise Interests. There is an “AND” relation between the two, which means that you will exclude people when using them together. Therefore the estimated reach will decrease since the people you target will have to be part of two different segmentations at the same time. Using Broad Category targeting you will target people who have included information relevant to this category in their profiles. If you select multiple categories there is an “OR “ relation between them, you will therefore increase your estimated reach.


Plan your advertising

For Facebook it is important that their users do not find the ads on the site annoying or offensive and they strive to show ads that the users like and want to interact with. Therefore, when users stop clicking your ad, your impressions will start decreasing. But do not despair! There is a solution. By continuously refreshing your images and ad copy you can avoid ad fatigue.


Increase your Conversion Rate

It's is all about making sure that relevant users click on your ad A relevant user is one that is likely to perform the action you wish them to on your site. To make sure you are getting the right kind of clicks, you should strive to set the right expectations in your ad. Give your ad the same look and feel as your landing page and try not to leave important information like shipping costs out. You want there to be as few surprises as possible when the user lands on your page. It might also be a good idea to state the price of your product or service in the ad, this will discourage users who are not prepared to pay what you are asking or who are looking for free offers.


How to increase your CTR

When advertising on Facebook is important to maintain a high CTR as this will influence how much you pay per click. One important aspect when trying to increase your CTR is targeting. One of the advantages of Facebook advertising is that you can be very specific in your targeting and you have a high degree of control of who will see your ads. By segmenting your target audience into smaller groups you can tailor your message to fit each different segment. In doing so, your target audience will most likely find your ad more relevant and will therefore be more prone to click. This in turn will result in a higher CTR for your ad.


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