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My job's got a pretty simple purpose: to ensure we build the best Facebook marketing app. If Qwaya ends up a dating site for blind dogs, I'm the one to bash.

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Explaining conjunctive targeting on Facebook and why you should use it

As we’ve shown before, the fact that Facebook offers astonishing opportunities for advertisers to reach their specific target audience is no news to any online advertiser. In this post I’ll dive into a rather unutilised Facebook advertising feature called Conjunctive targeting (sometimes referred to as AND targeting) and show you how it can be used to improve the performance of your advertising campaigns.


Finding your audience on Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC]

Most advertisers know that Facebook offers some quite impressive targeting capabilities. What most don’t understand however is just how impressive these are. With around one fifth of the world’s population on Facebook the reach is massive to say the least, and combined with the granularity of Facebook’s user data the marketing opportunity really is insane.


Highlights from Facebook’s multi-device study

Facebook recently released a study digging into people’s behaviour over multiple devices, specifically investigating what role each device plays and how our relation to them differ. While I recommend you to read through the full study, here’s a breakdown of the highlights.


Learn how to get max out of Facebook’s Optimized CPM

I wrote a piece on the various Facebook bidding options a few months back and it seems like high time to revisit the topic. Specifically I’m going to share some official best practices for how to squeeze out the most out of Optimized CPM (oCPM) for Facebook pixel conversions, which has been an area generating quite a few grey hairs since its inception.


Facebook advertising bid types explained

CPC, CPM, oCPM or CPA? Which one do you choose? When do you choose it? And how do you set it up? Although I am in no position of telling you exactly which one is right for you, I’d like to offer a breakdown of how they work - which hopefully can help you make better decisions for your next Facebook campaign.


Facebook Posts - Unpublished, Scheduled, Promoted? (2/2)

In our most recent blog post I went through the different states a Page post on Facebook can be in. In this post I’ll try to provide a few examples of how this can be applied to different marketing scenarios and objectives, based on my own experience and that of Facebook advertisers I come across and talk to.


Facebook Posts - Unpublished, Scheduled, Promoted? (1/2)

Facebook Page posts are used by marketers for everything from reminding people that the brand exists, wishing followers a Happy New Year and urging people to purchase tickets for an upcoming show. They always appear as content in the News feed, sometimes welcome and sometimes not. With this post I’d like to shed some light on the complexity behind the different states a Page post can be in.



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