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Updated Educational targeting


Facebook was invented by a student to help university and college students share and exchange profiles and to build a network for students to interact easier. Today we all know that Facebook grew to become something much larger. Its reach today is far beyond college students. However, it still has the classic “student” segment available for advertisers. And now it has become even more accurate and sophisticated.

Now you can select to target students or graduates from a specific college. Obviously this feature is very effective, for example, if you sell products related to a specific college, arrange trips for college students or if you’re a recruitment company.

You have always been able to target people who are in college or are college graduates; the difference now is that you can specify which college you want to reach. You can select to up to 20 universities, colleges or schools at a time and also select specific or multiple fields of study.

It does not stop there. If you select to target college students, even at a specific college, you can further refine your target group by selecting graduation year.

In this case the educational targeting will target persons who have listed their college and graduation year in their profiles in their time lines.

At Qwaya you will find this targeting option in the “Targeting” tab. Select “New targeting” to open the targeting template form. Under “Education and occupation” you will find the different educational targeting options.


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